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RE: TortoiseCVS creating obsolete options

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: TortoiseCVS creating obsolete options
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2007 13:33:53 +1000

> Thanks Arthur,
> My CVS server is on a Unix machine.  I am not using CVSNT.
> TortoiseCVS version: 1.8.31

Yes you are using CVSNT because you are using TCVS which include CVSNT
for doing everything except displaying the pictures.  Look in the
TortoiseCVS folder, right click cvs.exe, look at the version tab.  

Regardless - the --lf option is being generated by TCVS+CVSNT, so your
question belongs on the TCVS newsgroup.  

Finally - TCVS is designed to be used with CVSNT server, so I recommend
that you install the latest stable CVSNT on your unix server (yes CVSNT
runs on unix) and the latest stable TCVS on your client to obtain the
best result.

The --lf option has been known to cause repository corruption in the
past when people accidentally checkin an LF only file from a windows
client that assumes it is CR/LF.  The "better" option is to mark the
file as "unix line endings" with either "cvs add -ku file.ext" or "cvs
up -ku file.ext; cvs ci -f file.ext" - however this only works with
CVSNT server.  On the TCVS newsgroup you will find this has been
discussed in detail and people there will have the time and patience to
go through it all with you including the options for CVS 1.x servers and
CVSNT 2.x servers.  That is why there are different newsgroups.


Arthur Barrett

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