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Re: update -kkv does not update my header

From: Todd Denniston
Subject: Re: update -kkv does not update my header
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2007 17:49:58 -0500
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references against a local copy of the manual from[1], which was untared in /tmp/.

Sundeep wrote, On 10/14/2007 11:26 PM:
I have a script that is used to merge / update the file. This is done
in 2 step process, where in first update command we ask CVS to ignore
the keywords and later in second  update command we ask to update the
header information.

As below:

cvs -f update -r 10 -kk file1

Assuming 10 is more like branch_10...because "Tag names must start with an uppercase or lowercase letter..."[4], and a branch is a special tag[5].

should not the above be:
cvs -f update -j 10 -kk file1
???? to join[6] the information???

and then

cvs -f update -kkv file1

I am not sure that it makes CVS sense to run this command until you have committed the merged file to the repo. which version should CVS be pulling info from? Do you care which revision the info comes from? Do you care that the info is by definition wrong(does not apply to the version of the file in your sandbox)? <sarcasm> Don't you love the Tail chasing that can be done when you make the mistake of trying to use RCS keywords? </sarcasm>

Is -kk sticky? i.e. run `cvs status file` and look for something other than (none) after Sticky Tag. If you put a different keyword, such as $Id$ in the file does your method make it expand? Do you get different results if you use[2] -kkvl instead of -kkv, because $Header$[3] states locker (if locked), and -kkvl provides locker name?

Functionality needed:
After the above two commands complete, file1 should be updated from
branch 10, and it must have $Header$ information. <$Header is only
keyword in file>

Result obtained
File is getting updated from branch 10. But Header is not updated. It
is shown as "$Header$", but  I need value in it.

anything wrong in my steps or my understanding of CVS

Speculation and hand waving: CVS knows the file was modified from what it sees as it's default version, CVS knows the data it has for the header would be erroneous, because this version of the file has not been committed, so it does not apply it.

[2] file:///tmp/cederqvist-1.11.21.html/cvs_12.html#SEC101
[3] file:///tmp/cederqvist-1.11.21.html/cvs_12.html#SEC98
[4] file:///tmp/cederqvist-1.11.21.html/cvs_4.html#SEC48
[5] file:///tmp/cederqvist-1.11.21.html/cvs_5.html#SEC56
[6] file:///tmp/cederqvist-1.11.21.html/cvs_5.html#SEC60
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