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Re: CVS Commands

From: Todd Denniston
Subject: Re: CVS Commands
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2007 10:36:34 -0500
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removed the CCs to as I don't think this is their fault, however you can include them as cc in your reply if you think it will help you.

references against a local copy of the normal CVS cederqvist manual from[1], which was untared in /tmp/.

Kuriakose, Cinu Cheriyamoozhiyil wrote, On 10/17/2007 05:15 AM:
Hi All, The ls and rls commands are used to list files and directories in the repository, but we should be logged in to the repository for getting the listing of the same.

`cvs ls` and `cvs rls` I suspect are CVSNT commands, so if you are having trouble with those you will get better help in the CVSNT list[2].

please try running `cvs --version` and report that too, if you need to ask more questions.

I use the command "cvs login" to connect to the repository but instead of connecting to the local repository it is connecting to the postgreSQL repository,

I am a little confused by this statement.
I assume you mean that if you just `cvs login` it is connecting to the postgreSQL cvs repo. The reason(s) are likely that either in your shell environment $CVSROOT=the postgresql repo, or you were in a sandbox directory checked out from the postgresql repo.

but when I specify the command ->

cvs -d :pserver:address@hidden:/u01/Installs/cvsrepository/cvsroot login

where /u01/Installs/cvsrepository/cvsroot is the repository path, root is the username and is the hostname it is asking for the password,

Assumption on someone has:
A) ran `cvs -d /u01/Installs/cvsrepository/cvsroot init`
B) configured [x]inetd correctly[4]

If you search the list[3] you will probably get the (right) impression that pserver is not very secure, but running your cvs pserver process on the server as the root user is probably asking for trouble.

now I am not sure what is the password,

it is the machine root account password, so be real careful[5].
Also IIRC CVS does not allow you to login as root.

can anyone please tell me the method to change the CVS password,

1) configure such that appropriate normal system users have access to read and write to that structure. 2) configure the system to have appropriate normal system users, i.e., those users have group file settings as described in the File permissions section of the manual[6].
3) use the normal system method for changing a user's password.

so that I can change the password and get connected to the local repository.

Will this repository only ever be accessed by users logged on and setting at If so, you might be better off using :fork: or :local:, and :ext: with CVS_RSH=ssh would be better still (read the manual on configuring ssh though).

Thanks in Advance


   or news://

[3] List-Archive: <>
[4] file:///tmp/cederqvist-1.11.21.html/cvs_2.html#SEC29
[5] file:///tmp/cederqvist-1.11.21.html/cvs_2.html#SEC32
[6] file:///tmp/cederqvist-1.11.21.html/cvs_2.html#SEC13
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