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Bespoke Customisations

From: rh
Subject: Bespoke Customisations
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2007 03:02:58 -0700
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Apologies for what may be a stupid question, but i've just wasted 40
mins googling this and still can't find an answer. I was wondering
if someone here might be able to point me in the right direction. I
feel like a bit of an idiot asking this as this must be a common
problem and i can't believe i can't find a solution already.

We've got a 300k line php5 based database system that we roll out to
clients. We have a head trunk which works fine right up to the point
where clients want specific (often small) mods done - little things
like naming conventions etc.
Currently what we have to do in an update is manually redo all the
mods on each system before pushing them out. Sometimes we miss things
and this can cause confusion.

Does anyone know of a decent way of maintaining these mods so that we
can push out an update to HEAD and the update will then 'ripple'
through the various other branches with each maintaining their
existing mods (assuming, presumably, that they don't conflict)

any and all help appreciated.

Robbie Hughes

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