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CVS Alias

From: Vinay Bakshi
Subject: CVS Alias
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 02:07:14 -0700

I need to create cvs logins for 3 developers.such that
developer1 is able to checkout the files only. I want to restrict developer 1 from commmiting any changes to the files. I also want to restrict them to create new directories and files
and to developer 2 and 3 i want to give the rights to checkout the files and aso commit the changes.
The procedure that I have been following to create the cvs logins is :
I had created a mainuser and am creating the rest of the logins as alias to main user
through cvs passwd -r repcvsuser -a developer1
I am new to cvs and have been following this practise. please let me know how the restrictions can be managed ?
Thanks in Advance

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