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Keep ONLY last version of a specific file

From: address@hidden
Subject: Keep ONLY last version of a specific file
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2007 11:17:04 -0000
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I have a HUGE binary file (needed to build my project) I would like to
in the CVS together with the rest of the project source files.

Because it is that HUGE and I just really need the last version (which
is always backwars-compatible), it would be great if there was a way
to just keep the last version in the CVS server.

You could say I should probably just keep that file somewhere else,
and just provide the *.tgz together with the CVS login/password but,
because of really stupid restrictions that do not depend on me I
have to incroporate this file into the CVS.

I'm reading the manual as I am writting this post. Let's see who
gets the answer faster :)


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