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Re: Lock question

From: Todd Denniston
Subject: Re: Lock question
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2007 13:04:55 -0500
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Please keep the messages on the mailing list.

Simon Renshaw wrote, On 10/31/2007 12:39 PM:
1) Server is running 1.11.21 and the clients are Eclipse 3.X

As I am unaware of what Eclipse 3.X is, I do not know which CVS or CVSNT version is running with it, i.e., run cvs --version on at least one client.

2) everybody is using extssh.

Ok, that sounds like a CVSNTism, unless unless CVS-1.12.X has picked it up.
So then you are 100% sure, that they ALL are using extssh. I am making the assumption that there is more than one developer, and that all of them are using Eclipse. :)

3) No. The repo is on the server where CVS is running.

Um... think you need to understand a little more.
there is a program running on each client as well as the server, and generally it's name is cvs or cvs.exe (call it cvs_binary). Eclipse likely does an appropriate system call to start cvs_binary to actually do work. The cvs_binary can normally work in client or server mode, or both, which means if given opportunity it can work directly with the repository (which is a bad thing if the repo is on NFS||SMB).

But if I take your answer at face value, what I hope I can believe you to mean is that no one can mount|connect the share where your repository is at on their developer machines. correct||incorrect?

Also let me re ask:
Was the lock owned by the user-name of the dev who had the problem?

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From: Todd Denniston [mailto:address@hidden Sent: 31 octobre, 2007 12:20
To: Simon Renshaw
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Subject: Re: Lock question

Simon Renshaw wrote, On 10/31/2007 10:16 AM:

I have a question concerning locks.

>From time to time a dev try to commit a file and it just hang there.
When this happen, I look in the repo and I find that there is a lock.

Was the lock owned by the user-name of the dev who had a problem?

My question is: why does this randomly happen?

So basically I'm trying to figure out if this is a problem with CVS or


I think we need to know:
1) versions of CVS on server and several of the clients (or are they all

running the same distribution?)?
2) the connection methods being used, and are you sure ALL of your
developers using the same connection method?
3) Is anyone trying to use one of :fork:, :local: or bare connection
methods to the repository, and the repository being on an NFS, SMB or other network file system?

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