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RE: Lock question

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: Lock question
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2007 05:51:23 +1100


> Simon Renshaw wrote, On 10/31/2007 12:39 PM:
> > 1) Server is running 1.11.21 and the clients are Eclipse 3.X
> > 
> As I am unaware of what Eclipse 3.X is, I do not know which 
> version is running with it, i.e., run cvs --version on at 
> least one client.
> > 2) everybody is using extssh.
> > 
> Ok, that sounds like a CVSNTism, unless unless CVS-1.12.X has 
> picked it up.

No Eclipse uses an inbuilt "cvs client" that is written in Java, very
hard to debug and it is EXTREMELY finicky about its interpretation of
the cvs protocol.  Check the release notes as to which version of CVS it
was tested with (it'll be 1.11.something).

We did get Eclipse eventually tested with CVSNT, but had to make lots of
changes to ensure that the protocol matched EXACTLY what Eclipse was
expecting - extremely easy to break.

I know that if you run CVSNT server (GPL/free just like CVS, runs on
rpm's available for linux/unix/mac etc) that you wont get locks because
we did away with lock files years ago (there is a separate process that
runs the locks so if a client abnormally terminates the lock is dropped
when the connection is dropped).


Arthur Barrett

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