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Discover the revision of a file that is not checked out?

From: Peter Loron
Subject: Discover the revision of a file that is not checked out?
Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2007 11:05:11 -0700

We have our source files in CVS. We have a staging environment that is
currently not managed via CVS. The files there are copied over, not
checked out. Also the set of files that are there are not necessarily
the head revision of each file.

We want to switch over to managing the files there via CVS, but cannot
simply do a 'cvs checkout' at the root module to get everything.

Can somebody point me to a tool/script that can help us automatically
discover what revision of what file is there? 

We have notes on what revisions have been copied to the staging
environment, but it would be a seriously long project to go back through
them to build up a revision catalog that could be used to check out the
proper revisions.

My current thought is to write a script to recurse through the tree, and
then for each file, diffing the local one against each revision in CVS
to find a match. Ick.



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