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How to diff branch sandbox against tip of trunk?

From: Nelson Bolyard
Subject: How to diff branch sandbox against tip of trunk?
Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2007 03:58:29 -0700

It seems that when I'm working on sources in a "sandbox" that was checked
out from a branch, there's no easy way to diff those sandbox files with 
the files on the tip of the trunk.  It seems that while I'm working in the
branch sandbox, HEAD means "This branch's branch tag", not "tip of trunk".

Let's say my files are checked out from a branch tag named BRANCH_11
and my current working directory is that branch sandbox directory.

If I do 
   cvs diff -r HEAD *.c 
I get results that are identical to
   cvs diff -r BRANCH_11 *.c
and the command
   cvs diff -r HEAD -r BRANCH_11 *.c
always produces no results (that is, the results are empty), even when I 
KNOW that the files on the branch have diverged from the trunk pretty far.

If I have a sandbox checked out from the trunk, then in that trunk sandbox
I can do the command
   cvs diff -r HEAD -r BRANCH_11 *.c
and see the differences between trunk and branch.  But I really want to 
see the diffs between the files in my branch sandbox and the checked in
files on the trunk.  

I could checkout a trunk sandbox, tag it with a static tag, then in the 
branch sandbox do 
   cvs diff -r NEW_TRUNK_STATIC_TAG *.c
But I really don't want to tag the turnk just to do a diff!

Is there some way to do this?

/Nelson B

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