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Migrate repository from Win NT to AIX?

From: bc
Subject: Migrate repository from Win NT to AIX?
Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2007 01:06:10 -0800
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I have a problem with migrating my Win NT repo (ver Build
2260) to an AIX server (ver 1.11.22).

After the CVS-repo is created on AIX and the files are moved with FTP
Binary, I try to check out
files to my PC. the problem here is that my client can't see which
files ar Binary or ASCII. All
files are seen as Text.

-Could it be that this move is unsupported by CVS? (Different ways of
storing files?)

-Could it be that the AIX version of CVS is too old? I found a "kopt"
parameter in the v-files
on NT which seem to be holding this info about Binary or not. Maybe
this parameter isnĀ“t
supported on AIX?

-I will test the version 1.12.x on AIX but it is not seen as stable

Ideas, hints or preferably complete solutions to this problem are most
welcome ;-)

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