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UNCLASSIFIED - Import Existing CVS Code into Repository

From: HAWKER, Dan \(external\)
Subject: UNCLASSIFIED - Import Existing CVS Code into Repository
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2007 14:17:08 -0000

Hi All,

Apologies if this is a really simple question, however I seem to be
going around and around in circles and getting nowhere :(

Am a newbie CVS admin, old UNIX/Linux admin but very little CVS, hence I
am slightly confused.

We have an existing CVS box that has been running along quite well for
ages. CVS v 1.11.2 (RedHat 9).

We have just been given a DVD of source code from a company we have
recently taken over. The DVD I have been supplied with, contains the
entire source tree (in a tarball), a modules file and a catalogue. I
have had a quick look at the files in the tarball and it seems that the
existing CVS repository has been simply tarred up. The module file seems
to be specific for this repository.

How do I import the entire repository I have been given into our
existing repository along with the module file??? Is this even
possible???  I have looked at the import command and looked at some
examples, however am not 100% confident and don't want to completely
mess up the existing repository in the process.




Dan Hawker
Linux System Administrator


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