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Merging two directory structures

From: Frans Englich
Subject: Merging two directory structures
Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2007 16:02:35 +0100
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I have one tree structure("To") in a repository containing files and 
directories with a significant depth, and I now want to add files & 
directories("From"), existing in a directory that is not in the repository, 
which has files & directories of signficiant depth. Sometimes the directories 
& files in "From" match existing ones, sometimes they don't.

That is, I want to merge two directory structures, and I need to do this on a 
regular basis.

rsync solves the job of merging the two structures, but of course, the new 
files haven't been added to the working directory.

My current approach is to let rsync sync the two directories, run `cvs up' and 
run cvs add on the files that are prepended with `?'. This doesn't work since 
sometimes the /new/ files are within /new/ directories, which means CVS 
doesn't report them as unknown. I could run `cvs add' on the directories that 
was reported as new, but since new directories stretch over multiple depths, 
this would then have to be done recursively, and that's messy & time 
consuming since CVS roundtrips to the server each time.

I looked into cvs import, but it's rather dangerous tool since it modifies the 
repository directly and this is not trivial. And I neither want to deal with 
vendor branches and what not, I just want to add files & directories to the 

Tricky problem! Any ideas for how to approach this?



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