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CVS kopt corruption

From: Steve Nelligan
Subject: CVS kopt corruption
Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2007 09:27:39 -0600

I am relativly new to source version control systems.

I have a cvsNT server on a windows 2003 server, in which several of the 
projects have invalid kopt values.  Is there a fix program to correct this? 
Since the corruption is in the *.*,v files, what does the *.*,v contain?  If 
I blew away the *.*,v files what would I loose?

Finally, is there a documented reason as to how this happens, and what can I 
do so it doesn't happen again?

C:\IDEAPR~1\PAYROL~1\payrollfeed>cvs -d 
t payrollfeed
cvs checkout: cwd=C:\IDEAPR~1\PAYROL~1\payrollfeed 
cvs server: Updating payrollfeed
U payrollfeed/payrollfeed.iml
U payrollfeed/payrollfeed.ipr
U payrollfeed/payrollfeed.iws
cvs server: Updating payrollfeed/classes
cvs server: Updating payrollfeed/config
U payrollfeed/config/
U payrollfeed/config/
cvs server: Updating payrollfeed/foo
U payrollfeed/foo/payrollfeed.iml
cvs server: Unknown expansion option '?'.
cvs server: invalid RCS expansion flags
Valid flags are one of:
t       Text file (default)
b       Binary file (merges not allowed).
B       Binary file using binary deltas (merges not allowed).
u       Unicode (UCS-2) file with BOM.
{encoding}      Extended encoding type
Followed by any of:
c       Force reserved edit.
x       Force exclusive edit.
k       Substitute keyword.
v       Substiture value.
l       Generate lockers name.
L       Generate Unix style line endings on checkout.
D       Generate DOS style line endings on checkout.
M       Generate MAC style line endings on checkout.
o       Don't change keywords.
z       Compress deltas within RCS files.
(Specify the --help global option for a list of other help options)

Thanks in advance,
-Steve Nelligan

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