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CVS branching problem

From: Debnath Mukherjee
Subject: CVS branching problem
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2007 07:25:51 -0800 (PST)


I need to have a branch "branch1" off the trunk.
And then there needs to be a branch "sub-branch1"
off the "branch1" branch.

However, I have run into a problem : In order to create
a version on the "sub-branch1" branch, you need a version
on the "branch1" branch. Thus the version on the main (trunk)
branch has to be copied to create a duplicate version
on the "branch1" branch and then that version can be branched
off to the "sub-branch1" branch.

Whenever I create the branch "sub-branch1" off branch1, (without
first creating a version on the branch1 branch), the branch
"sub-branch1" is created off the trunk, as shown by the graph

I have not yet found a way around this - also I do not
know if CVS requires it - this is just what I found
from experimenting with CVS.

If you know a way around this copying, please let me know
the commands.



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