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RE: CVS branching problem

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: CVS branching problem
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2007 05:57:10 +1100


> Whenever I create the branch "sub-branch1" off branch1, (without
> first creating a version on the branch1 branch), the branch
> "sub-branch1" is created off the trunk, as shown by the graph
> command.

Which "graph command" are you using?  Maybe you should ask the author ?

The case you describe is quite common, particularly when using branches
as promotion levels (eg: trunk is dev, branch1 is test and subbranch1 is
release).  Changes to each branch will be correctly recorded because
each sandbox knows which branch each file is on - if you are really
worried then just change your workflow to:
A) create branch1
B) checkout branch1
C) force commit (cvs ci -f -m "create a revision on branch 1")
D) create subbranch1 using branch1 sandbox
E) checkout subbranch1 
F) force commit (cvs ci -f -m "create a revision on sub branch 1")

The force commit wont create a "copy" it'll just register a new version
number at that point.

If you need to record *when* or *by whom* a branch was created write a
loginfo script or use CVSNT (windows or linux, free/GPL just like CVS)
and enable auditing - you'll also get mergepoints which will be rather
useful with so many branches...



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