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Have lots of "needs patch" and "needs merge"

From: Fierke, John
Subject: Have lots of "needs patch" and "needs merge"
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2007 16:39:35 -0700

I am currently running (don't laugh) version 1.11 on a solaris machine.  I am the only developer in most cases but recently we hired a contractor to perform a major upgrade to our WMS.  I made sure all files were up-to-date and then we layed them over with the contractor's changed or new files.  I also tagged all the project files with the tag 2007_PRE_UPGRADE prior to dropping in the new files.

It is customary here to edit the files "in place"...just the way it was done when I inherited the code.  I experimented with cvs export (which shouldn't have caused any problems)...and since so much time has passed since the problem most likely happened, I'm not sure quite what would have caused it. 

Something I did (at least I *THINK* it was me) caused most of the files to now show as either "Needs Merge" or "Needs Patch"...I CANNOT identify a pattern behind why some are "merge" and others are "patch".  We had an issue with a few of the files that the contractor transferred to our site having carriage returns in them (^M's) - we removed fixed those files.  And there are even files that show "Locally modified".


I can provide more specifics and/or actual files or snippets if necessary.  I'm just hoping I won't have to MANUALLY babysit each and every file...I'm hoping there is something systemic at the root of this..and that it can be fixed easily.


John Fierke | Programmer / Analyst | Avnet, Inc. | address@hidden | 2200 William D. Tate Ave | Grapevine, TX  76051 | 817.949.8083 (O) | 214.732.3391 (M)

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