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RE: Edit archive to correct corruption?

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: Edit archive to correct corruption?
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2007 09:21:19 +1100


> Out of curiosity, does CVSNT come with a tool to do the same job as 
> validate_repo[1]  

No - we don't get corruption in CVSNT repositories ;)

> or will the CVS version of validate_repo work with CVSNT's 
> format?

No idea - I suspect there would be a good chance it'd consider some
things as errors.

I've wanted to create something for CVSNT for some time - but it'd
probably look a bit like this:
  printf("Backup your repository immediately, you could loose data at
any time!");

Seriously though - the problem with "validation" is that (some) people
come to rely on it as 'proof positive' that everything is all right -
which it potentially is not.  

On the TortoiseCVS newsgroup recently someone was saying they had given
up on TCVS/CVSNT because they had their repo on a laptop and not backed
it up for years and the hard disk died.  Apparently this means that
CVSNT is a poor version control system... 

I think it means that as the use of CVS/CVSNT becomes more widespread
with non-commercial-big-iron-admin types that someone needs to do more
to publicise the importance of backups and data integrity checks (eg:
checkout old things and try "build" etc).  I'm sceptical that some
"verify" script will help - in fact I'm reasonably convinced it'll
discourage users from performing more meaningful tests...


Arthur Barrett

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