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RE: Deleted case insensitive folders clashing on windows

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: Deleted case insensitive folders clashing on windows
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2007 21:47:51 +1100


> I have a problem when on Windows checking out a repository. 
> In it, there's a 
> folder called "Foo" that contains files, and previously the 
> folder "foo" 
> existed as well, but its files were deleted. This works(and 
> worked) fine on 
> Linux, but on Windows it complains on each update.

Windows filesystems are case insensitive (by default), it's not really
CVS's problem...
> This is all a bit hilarious since the directory is deleted, 
> and there's no 
> reason to try to write it. This was experienced with 
> TortoiseCVS, which 
> passes the -P flag, it seems.

I strongly suggest you contact the tortoisecvs newsgroup (see and the cvsnt newsgroup (who make the cvs client
included in tortoisecvs).  Getting the -P flag turned off is something people can help you with - getting the case sensitive
driver for windows is something the folks can help with.

> Any ideas for how to fix this?

The easiest option I think would be to rename the folder "foo" on the
server to "foobar" (if you really don't use it anymore).



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