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Re: Deleted case insensitive folders clashing on windows

From: Denniston, Todd A CIV NAVSURFWARCENDIV Crane, Code 6067
Subject: Re: Deleted case insensitive folders clashing on windows
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 08:54:50 -0500
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Frans Englich wrote, On 11/29/2007 05:10 AM:
On Thursday 29 November 2007 10:13:05 Arthur Barrett wrote:
Installing a file system driver or whatever is a rather high
requirement for
using a repository system. So that cannot be used.
If you want a non-case sensitive filesystem to be case sensitive then a
file system driver is the way to go.

No, I don't want to. I just want to check out the repository without getting into trouble. I had "Foo" and "foo" and deleted one of them for the precise reason of avoiding these problems.

How does one rename a deleted folder? As far as I know that's
not doable, nor
can one delete a folder.
$ mv /path/to/repo/module/foo /path/to/repo/module/foobar

Is this a server side move, or is it moving empty directories in a working directory?

If you did what I suggested and contact the right newsgroup you'd get
better suggestions (since this is a CVS newsgroup and it's a CVSNT
problem it's kinda off-topic) - eg: the checkout -S switch:

I'm trying to use CVS here, I don't want to lock myself to a specific client. I have no files that requires a case sensitive file system, beyond one that is deleted. If there's anything I can do beyond deleting the offending file, please tell.

So in order to check out such a repository on windows I need to install a file system driver or use a specific client? Look, this is all a bad joke, CVS gotta be better than that.

If there is a joke here, it is that some (most??) windows file systems are Case preserving, but not case sensitive, i.e., under windows file systems FOO = FOo = Foo = foo... you can not have files|directories Foo and fOo in the same directory.

Under Unix file systems (where your repository is)
FOO != FOo != Foo != foo.

CVS handles file (and directory) names in the the Unix manor and thus can be confused when the file system it is on does not respect (is not case sensitive) case and the developers have not chosen to pay attention to the file systems the will be working under.

Although I can't seem to find the old emails referring to how to do the following, I believe you may be able to prevent future occurrences of this problem, at lest with files as I don't think directories go through the commit filters[1]. your commit filters should fail if passed a file name that is in anything other than lower case (or upper case, your choice).

[1] because `cvs add` makes the mistake|optimization[2] of immediately creating the directory in the repo and does not have any triggers.


Todd Denniston
Crane Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC Crane)
Harnessing the Power of Technology for the Warfighter

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