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Re: Load balancing setup for CVS repositories

From: Ramesh Thummalapenta
Subject: Re: Load balancing setup for CVS repositories
Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2007 18:16:32 -0800
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Thanks for the response.
I am more interested in the ability of the two CVS servers to coexist and work in parallel. They will be using the same NAS filesystem as their repository area. Is CVS designed to work like that?

Arthur Barrett wrote:

I want to know if there is a built in load balancing support for CVS 
servers. I have one CVS server and i want to configure one more CVS 
server and want to share the load between them. Is that possible with 
CVS? If yes, is there some configuration documentation i can 
refer to ?

Load balancing is the job of your network router or cluster, just treat
your CVS server like a web server.  

In the same way as if you are setting up load balanced web servers you
configure a front end switch/router to receive information from the web
servers as to what their loads are and to switch more incoming requests
to the least busy server.  

You'll then need to store your repository on a SAN so that all CVS
Servers responding to the requests are looking at the same repository.
Storing the repo on an NFS or Samba share is a good way to ensure that
it gets corrupted - use a real SAN.

Clusters are a good way to go - the cluster service will usually provide
a single IP address and then split the requests out for each server
semi-automagically.  I've a fair bit of experience at doing this with
CVSNT on windows and linux where you also have to setup a shared
lockserver - in theory CVS should even be simpler since there is no lock
server to worry about...


Arthur Barrett

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