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RE: n00b - need help with LS (with CVSROOT not set)

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: n00b - need help with LS (with CVSROOT not set)
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2007 07:17:06 +1100


> The only slight hitch is that I am not sure if the users will have set
> the CVSROOT environment variable (and some will have set it, but for
> the source code repository, which is different).  Can I pass that on
> the command line? 

cvs -d :protocol:address@hidden:/repo rls

If you are writing a GUI then should I assume it is on Windows?  If so
then you are most likely using the CVSNT client: beware that the CVSNT
'ls' is different from the CVS 'ls' and also that CVSNT has an API for
GUI's - checkout the source to wmfree from the tree to see how to browse
repositories (or use that code as a base for your own).  If indeed you
are using CVSNT then please post your questions/contributions to the
CVSNT newsgroup.



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