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Need info about merging / conflicts (Preston Landers)

From: Carl Chen
Subject: Need info about merging / conflicts (Preston Landers)
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2007 20:55:07 +0800

As I know, ClearCase is a good CM tool too. And it can support command-line
merge and GUI merge. It can support manual merge and auto merge.

But it's a commercial product.

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> Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2007 15:21:17 -0600
> From: Preston Landers <address@hidden>
> Subject: Need info about merging / conflicts
> To: address@hidden
> Message-ID: <address@hidden>
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> Does anyone know a good resource for information about how CVS (or any
> version control system for that matter) handles merging and
> identifying merge conficts?
> At my organization we are looking at adopting a new version control
> system (well, ideally an overall CM / defect tracking / workflow
> system).  Most of the developers here are used to working only with a
> system (CMVC) that requires exclusive locks on file checkouts, and
> requires manually merging in all changes from side branches.
> I've brought up the benefits of working CVS style but I've run into
> considerable resistance, or lack of understanding of the benefits.
> I've been told that it's "stupid" to think that software can possibly
> safely merge code changes and safely identify conflicts, that it is
> "brittle", language dependent, somehow causes problems with
> compliation, etc, etc.  I'm poorly equipped to counter these arguments
> at the moment because I have so little understanding of the topic
> myself.  I just know from experience at a previous CVS-using
> organization that in CVS it is infinitely easier to deal with
> concurrent access and merging changes.
> BTW, when I asked one vendor why his product didn't support
> auto-merging, he suggested open source projects like CVS only use
> auto-merging because they're too poor to afford a nice, shiny
> Diff-Editor like this product had.  I was flabbergasted but didn't
> know what to say.  I'm pretty sure there are commercial products
> (Bitkeeper, Perforce?) which auto-merge because it makes sense and is
> easier... am I right?
> thanks,
> Preston Landers

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