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cvs remove deletes the tag?

From: Shawn Matlock
Subject: cvs remove deletes the tag?
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2007 16:41:33 -0800

Tag A is applied to a set of files.

Tag B is applied to a subset of those same files.


I realize it’s unusual, but the files with tag B need to have tag A deleted.

The files with tag B also need to be removed from CVS.


I checkout the project at tag B.

I delete tag A from those files.


History shows tag A is gone.


Now, I cvs remove those files. I receive typical confirmation and output on



A checkout of HEAD still has these files.

History shows that tag B is gone on those files.


I believe they aren't removed because I didn't update them from the

sticky tag to HEAD before removing them.


What I do not understand is why tag B is gone?


I can reproduce this effect every time.



Thank you,

Shawn Matlock

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