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Re: CVS future!

From: Yves Dorfsman
Subject: Re: CVS future!
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2008 14:42:15 -0700
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Zakai Kinan wrote:
CVS does have one drawback that makes it hard to deal
with and it is not able to host multiple projects
securely from one another.  That is why I will have to
 migrate.  I know there are other programs and scripts
that try to deal with that problem.  I have not heard
good things about them.

CVS has drawbacks, or lacks some feature, but this is not what of them. I would like to understand how you came to this conclusion. Are you using CVS in anonymous mode, or do you authenticate your users ?

Create different groups (at the OS level) for your different projects, and make the repository directories owned by those groups. We even use the so-called POSIX extended ACLs for complicated setup (one group needs to have read-only access (check out / update / export only), while another group needs read/write (commit).


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