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Re: CVS future!

From: Gary Funck
Subject: Re: CVS future!
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 12:07:43 -0800
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On 01/25/08 06:22:18, Arthur Barrett wrote:
> If you need to get fancier still then use CVSNT (free/GPL just like CVS
> and yes it runs on unix/linux/windows/mac) and use the 'chacl' command
> with ACLmode=normal.

Googling for CVSNT, I clicked on,
which sounded like the right place, and ended up at which was surprising,
and seemed a bit disengenous.  The noisy ad-laden web
page did allow me to download the source code, but only
after registering.  Is this the only (free, open source)
method for obtaining CVSNT?  It says that the source is GPL,
but the site doesn't seem to encourage downloading the source.

Have others on this list used CVSNT?  How does its reliability
compare to regular CVS?  Is it backwards compatible with
existing CVS clients?  Does it play well with Linux (latest
binary was tagged as Redhat 9, built 2006-07-05).  The last
mod. on the source tree available for download is also dated 2006-07-05.
Either development isn't very active, or it has somehow
"gone private"?

  - Gary

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