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RE: CVS future!

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: CVS future!
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2008 07:41:11 +1100


> Googling for CVSNT, I clicked on,
> which sounded like the right place, and ended up at
> which was surprising,
> and seemed a bit disengenous.  The noisy ad-laden web
> page did allow me to download the source code, but only
> after registering.  Is this the only (free, open source)
> method for obtaining CVSNT?  It says that the source is GPL,
> but the site doesn't seem to encourage downloading the source.

I'm always surpised by the links people see and the ones they don't.  On
the landing page there is a BIG BLUE title 'CVSNT open source' and under
it a big blank link 'Support wiki for CVSNT' and also a 'FAQ' link.  If
you scroll down on the left there is also a download box for the free
edition that requires no registration (click 'show all downloads' for
source) and the FAQ even has an entry about it:

Of course you can always get the source from the cvs repo too.

Click the 'support wiki for cvsnt' link to go to:

We've certainly had some feedback over the years that some of these
links are hard to find, but the majority of downloads every day come
from the box which requires no registration and we just don't have the
resources to redesign the web site every year (though we probably will
this year).

> Have others on this list used CVSNT?  How does its reliability
> compare to regular CVS?  Is it backwards compatible with
> existing CVS clients?  Does it play well with Linux (latest
> binary was tagged as Redhat 9, built 2006-07-05).  The last
> mod. on the source tree available for download is also dated 
> 2006-07-05.
> Either development isn't very active, or it has somehow
> "gone private"?

There is a separate newsgroup (there are links to this newsgroup under
the big blue 'open source' heading on the landing page too).

Yes it's client compatible, yes it plays well with Linux.  Yes the
stable release is stable (doesn't change often) and the testing release
does change often (2.5.04).  The same team are also working on a 'next
gen' version control/CM system called evs ( which has slowed
down work on the core CVSNT - but equally CVSNT is pretty rock solid now
- very few requests for changes so we don't change it...



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