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RE: server->pserver proxy?

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: server->pserver proxy?
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2008 08:44:23 +1100


> > CVSNT _may_ be a bit better about the security, because 
> they have been 
> > working on several methods for authentication.
> If it requires its own clients that won't work well for us.  The fact
> that we've stayed with cvs is mainly because of its ubqiquity.

If you want to use a CVSNT specific protocol (like sserver) then
obviously you need a CVSNT client - however it compiles/runs on pretty
much any platform.  Unlike other CVS forks CVSNT just continued with the
previous CVS source and added additional features that were not
considered appropriate by the CVS gatekeepers.

Access Control (cvs chacl) can only set 'configured' using a CVSNT
client, but all clients (CVS and CVSNT) are affected by
permissions/rules that have already been created (client independent).



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