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Re: CVS future!

From: Gary Funck
Subject: Re: CVS future!
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 19:50:59 GMT

much concern and engagedness of mind, to inquire
what was indeed the way in which they must come to be accepted with God.
There were some things said publicly on that occasion, concerning
justification by faith alone.

Although great fault was found with meddling with the controversy in the
pulpit, by such a person, and at that time-and though it was ridiculed
by many elsewhere-yet it proved a word spoken in season here; and was
most evidently attended with a very remarkable blessing of heaven to the
souls of the people in this town. They received thence a general
satisfaction, with respect to the main thing in question, which they had
been in trembling doubts and concern about; and their minds were engaged
the more earnestly to seek that they might come to be accepted of God,
and saved in the way of the gospel, which had been made evident to them
to be the true and only way. And then it was, in the latter part of
December, that the Spirit of God began extraordinarily to set in, and
wonderfully to work amongst us; and there were very suddenly, one after
another, five or six persons, who were to all appearances savingly
converted, and some of them wrought upon in a very remarkable manner.

Particularly, I was surprised with relation of a young woman, who had
been one of the greatest company-keepers in the whole town. When she
came to me, I had never heard that she was become in any wise serious,
but by the conversation I then had with her, it appeared to me, th

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