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Re: RE: CVS future!

From: Zakai Kinan
Subject: Re: RE: CVS future!
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 18:37:17 GMT

those distinct ideas to their minds which
they were intended to signify. Perhaps to some of them it was but little
more than the names of colors are to convey the ideas to one that is
blind from his birth.

In this town there has always been a great deal of talk about conversion
and spiritual experiences; and therefore people in general had formed a
notion in their own minds what these things were. But when they come to
be the subjects of them, they find themselves much confounded in their
notions, and overthrown in many of their former conceits. And it has
been very observable, that persons of the greatest understanding, and
who had studied most about things of this nature, have been more
confounded than others. Some such persons declare, that all their former
wisdom is brought to nought, and that they appear to have been mere
babes, who knew nothing. It has appeared, that none have stood more in
need of instruction, even of their fellow-Christians, concerning their
own circumstances and difficulties, than they: and it seems to have been
with delight, that they have seen themselves thus brought down, and
become nothing; that free grace and divine power may be exalted in them.

It was very wonderful to see how persons affections were sometimes
moved-when God did as it were suddenly open their eyes, and let into
their minds a sens

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