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Re: CVS Information

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: Re: CVS Information
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 22:32:45 GMT

who, having been foretold for four
thousand years, has come to suffer and to die for me on earth, at the time
and under all the circumstances foretold. By His grace, I await death in
peace, in the hope of being eternally united to Him. Yet I live with joy,
whether in the prosperity which it pleases Him to bestow upon me, or in the
adversity which He sends for my good, and which He has taught me to bear by
His example.

738. The prophecies having given different signs which should all happen at
the advent of the Messiah, it was necessary that all these signs should
occur at the same time. So it was necessary that the fourth monarchy should
have come, when the seventy weeks of Daniel were ended; and that the sceptre
should have then departed from Judah. And all this happened without any
difficulty. Then it was necessary that the Messiah should come; and Jesus
Christ then came, who was called the Messiah. And all this again was without
difficulty. This indeed shows the truth of the prophecies.

739. The prophets foretold, and were not foretold. The saints again were
foretold, but did not foretell. Jesus Christ both foretold and was foretold.

740. Jesus Christ, whom the two Testaments regard, the Old as its hope, the
New as its model, and both as their centre.

741. The two oldest books in the world are those of Moses and Job, the one a
Jew and the other a Gentile. Both of them look upon Jesus Christ as their
common centre and object: Moses in relating the promises of God to Abraham,
Jacob, etc., and his prophecies; and Job, Quis mihi det ut, etc. Scio enim
quod redemptor meus vivit, etc.146

742. The Gospel only speaks of the virginity of

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