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Re: CVS Information

From: Alicia webb
Subject: Re: CVS Information
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 19:06:47 GMT

way foretold in the books, which they
held open to the whole world. Yet this people, deceived by the poor and
ignominious advent of the Messiah, have been His most cruel enemies. So that
they, the people least open to suspicion in the world of favouring us, the
most strict and most zealous that can be named for their law and their
prophets, have kept the books incorrupt. Hence those who have rejected and
crucified Jesus Christ, who has been to them an offence, are those who have
charge of the books which testify of Him, and state that He will be an
offence and rejected. Therefore they have shown it was He by rejecting Him,
and He has been alike proved both by the righteous Jews who received Him and
by the unrighteous who rejected Him, both facts having been foretold.

Wherefore the prophecies have a hidden and spiritual meaning to which this
people were hostile, under the carnal meaning which they loved. If the
spiritual meaning had been revealed, they would not have loved it, and,
unable to bear it, they would not have been zealous of the preservation of
their books and their ceremonies; and if they had loved these spiritual
promises, and had preserved them incorrupt till the time of the Messiah,
their testimony would have had no force, because they had been his friends.

Therefore it was we

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