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Re: Large file actual performance report; cvs use of ,v header is someti

From: Todd Denniston
Subject: Re: Large file actual performance report; cvs use of ,v header is sometimes non-optimal.
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 22:05:24 GMT

to its own home, and loves itself only for the
body. It deplores its past wanderings.

It cannot by its nature love any other thing, except for itself and to
subject it to self, because each thing loves itself more than all. But, in
loving the body, it loves itself, because it only exists in it, by it, and
for it. Qui adhaeret Deo unus spiritus est.76

The body loves the hand; and the hand, if it had a will, should love itself
in the same way as it is loved by the soul. All love which goes beyond this
is unfair.

Adhaerens Deo unus spiritus est. We love ourselves, because we are members
of Jesus Christ. We love Jesus Christ, because He is the body of which we
are members. All is one, one is in the other, like the Three Persons.

484. Two laws suffice to rule the whole Christian Republic better than all
the laws of statecraft.

485. The true and only virtue, then, is to hate self (for we are hateful on
account of lust) and to seek a truly lovable being to love. But as we cannot
love what is outside ourselves, we must love a being who is in us and is not
ourselves; and that is true of each and all men. Now, only the Universal
Being is such. The kingdom of God is within us; the universal good is within
us, is ourselves--and not ourselves.

486. The dignity of man in his innocence consisted in using and having
dominion over the creatures, but now in separating himself from them and
subjecting himself to them.

487. Every religion is false which, as to its faith, does not worship one
God as the origin of everything and which, as to its morality, does not love
one only God as the object of everything.

488.... But it is impossible that God should ever be the end, if He is not
the beginning. 

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