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Re: CVS future!

From: Yves Dorfsman
Subject: Re: CVS future!
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 21:12:25 GMT

the wonders of
human imagination, he will marvel that one century has gained for it so much
pomp and reverence. The art of opposition and of revolution is to unsettle
established customs, sounding them even to their source, to point out their
want of authority and justice. We must, it is said, get back to the natural
and fundamental laws of the State, which an unjust custom has abolished. It
is a game certain to result in the loss of all; nothing will be just on the
balance. Yet people readily lend their ear to such arguments. They shake off
the yoke as soon as they recognise it; and the great profit by their ruin
and by that of these curious investigators of accepted customs. But from a
contrary mistake men sometimes think they can justly do everything which is
not without an example. That is why the wisest of legislators said that it
was necessary to deceive men for their own good; and another, a good
politician, Cum veritatem qua liberetur ignoret, expedit quod fallatur.43 We
must not see the fact of u

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