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cvs add command add any new file into Attic directory.

From: Zhao, Jing
Subject: cvs add command add any new file into Attic directory.
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2008 15:52:04 -0500

Hi folks,


I run into very special situation. I never had this problem before. The problem is as follows:


cvs add <any_new_code_source_file>      # this step is ok.

cvs commit –m ‘message’ <any_new_code_source_file>        # it succeeded, but it put it into Attic directory.


If some folder does not have Attic directory, cvs add and ci works fine. Once Attic is present, all the checking go to Attic. Why? 

I knew something was wrong. But I checked everything I know and didn’t see anything suspicious.  Any thoughts or input are appreciated. 


Real command line output:


bash-2.05$ cvs add jz0002.c

cvs add: scheduling file `jz0002.c' for addition on branch `scr105_b'

cvs add: use 'cvs commit' to add this file permanently

bash-2.05$ cvs ci -m 'jkjkjkjkjs'

cvs commit: Examining .

RCS file: /DEVL/logs/cvs/r057/source/Attic/jz0002.c,v


Checking in jz0002.c;

/DEVL/logs/cvs/r057/source/Attic/jz0002.c,v  <--  jz0002.c

new revision:; previous revision: 1.1






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