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Re: Need one shot post-commit hook in cvs

From: Mark
Subject: Re: Need one shot post-commit hook in cvs
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2008 09:40:45 -0500
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Mark D. Baushke wrote:

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> Arthur Barrett <address@hidden> writes:
>> > If you use loginfo in the admin directory to setup
>> > a script to be called post commit, it can be
>> > called multiple times.  I need a way to have
>> > a single commit event only call the post commit
>> > hook script just once even if multiple files
>> > are being checked in.
>> Which version of CVS are you using?  I know CVSNT has had postcommand
>> and postcommit for some time, and I think CVS 1.12 now has one or both
>> of those as well.
> Sadly, neither the 1.11.x (STABLE) nor the 1.12.x (FEATURE) branches of
> CVS support the postcommit trigger.
> Currently supported triggers are:
> Supported in both STABLE and FEATURE:
>     "commitinfo"
>     "loginfo"
>     "notify"
>     "taginfo"
>     "verifymsg"
> Supported in FEATURE:
>     "postadmin"
>     "postproxy"
>     "posttag"
>     "postwatch"
>     "preproxy"
> If a 'cvs add directory-name' or a 'cvs import' is
> being performed, then the loginfo script is run
> once, but you can tell from the arguments
>     '- New directory'
> and '- Imported sources'
> respectfully, that this is what is happening.
> The typical method to use to get what you want is
> to have your commitinfo trigger remember the list
> of directories being traversed (especially the
> last directory) and then when the loginfo script
> is run and gets to that directory, do the task you
> need to be done only once.
> For examples of how to do this, the CVS
> distribution has examples in
>     cvs-1.11.22/contrib/
>     cvs-1.11.22/contrib/
> or
>     cvs-1.12.13/contrib/
>     cvs-1.12.13/contrib/
> which get built as contrib/commit_prep and
> contrib/log_accum
> -- Mark

I'm using cvs 1.11.22 and I too found the contrib
scripts late last night via my own searching.  Thanks
for the good info though.  I'll probably use log_accum
and commit_prep in some kind of combination.

> PS: It is anti-social to ask questions of the
> address@hidden mailing list without a valid
> email address. The original user's use of
>     From: Mark <address@hidden>
> is such that I would not have replied to him at
> all had not Arthur asked the question of CVS to
> the list.

BTW, I did not mail to your address@hidden mailing list.
You can see this by looking at my original header. 
Arthur forwarded his reply to the address@hidden list
without my permission.  So I guess your complaint is addressed 
to Arthur? It might be better to address your comment to him by name.
I *only* posted to the usenet group which as far as I know it's
acceptable to not expose email addresses due to spam. 


> 'Free' email addresses are still easy to obtain. I
> suggest you may wish to get one if you wish to ask
> future questions of this list, so that private
> exchanges of clarifying questions may be taken
> off-list if that is appropriate.

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