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RE: right? cvs is _____

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: right? cvs is _____
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2008 13:30:18 +1100

> Dimensions user ....

I assume you mean "I was a Dimensions user but now I want to/must use
CVS", but I appreciate your sentiment.

Remember that different SCM processes achieve different results for an
organisation and that different SCM processes are better supported by
different tools.  CVS is no better or worse than Dimensions from a CM
point of view - it just has different strengths and weaknesses.

There are also many flavours of CVS: this CVS (sometimes known as nongnu
CVS or gnu CVS), OpenCVS, DCVS, CVSNT and SVN, all have different
strengths and weaknesses too.  I personally have more to do with CVSNT
(which is NOT a windows version of CVS... though it does run on windows
and unix) it has things like changesets, commit ids/atomicity, audit,
merge tracking, true rename etc.  Many features 'debut' in CVSNT and
eventually make it into the other tools.

> cvs is a gnu scm / version control tool.  It runs as a server on a
> unix box.  

Well it depends if you count the 'variations' - CVSNT certainly runs on
windows and unix as do many other variations of CVS, however I think CVS
itself only runs on windows as a server if you also have cygwin. 

> There are various Windows clients available.  No additional
> database is required to run with it.

I see your Dimensions origins showing through.  You may be interested in
looking at the project which is a port of CVS with an SQL
database backend, or CVSNT which has an SQL audit database.

Also see the wikipedia page:



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