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Re: right? cvs is _____

From: wardbayern
Subject: Re: right? cvs is _____
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2008 19:19:31 -0800 (PST)
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On Feb 20, 8:30 pm, "Arthur Barrett" <address@hidden>
> > Dimensions user ....
> I assume you mean "I was a Dimensions user but now I want to/must use
> CVS", but I appreciate your sentiment.
> Remember that different SCM processes achieve different results for an
> organisation and that different SCM processes are better supported by
> different tools.  CVS is no better or worse than Dimensions from a CM
> point of view - it just has different strengths and weaknesses.
> There are also many flavours of CVS: this CVS (sometimes known as nongnu
> CVS or gnu CVS), OpenCVS, DCVS, CVSNT and SVN, all have different
> strengths and weaknesses too.  I personally have more to do with CVSNT
> (which is NOT a windows version of CVS... though it does run on windows
> and unix) it has things like changesets, commit ids/atomicity, audit,
> merge tracking, true rename etc.  Many features 'debut' in CVSNT and
> eventually make it into the other tools.
> > cvs is a gnu scm / version control tool.  It runs as a server on a
> > unix box.
> Well it depends if you count the 'variations' - CVSNT certainly runs on
> windows and unix as do many other variations of CVS, however I think CVS
> itself only runs on windows as a server if you also have cygwin.
> > There are various Windows clients available.  No additional
> > database is required to run with it.
> I see your Dimensions origins showing through.  You may be interested in
> looking at the project which is a port of CVS with an SQL
> database backend, or CVSNT which has an SQL audit database.
> Also see the wikipedia 
> page:
> Regards,
> Arthur

Thanks.  New job.

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