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RE: run cvs client on iSeries

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: run cvs client on iSeries
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2008 17:58:50 +1100

Thanks for contributing to the forum!
Using CVS for AIX on OS/400 only works if you have PASE installed and will only allow you to version files in the IFS.  PASE is an AIX interpreter for the iSeries and the IFS is where a typical java programmer would store their files.
The company I work for help maintain CVSNT (an alternative to CVS - also open source and multiplatform) did a 'real' compilation of CVS 1.11 on iSeries and also sell a "CVS for iSeries" package which includes this and a set of user interfaces that allow a 'typical' iSeries programmer (RPG, COGOL, CL etc) to version 'typical' OS/400 files: Source Physical Files.  Details of the commercial product are on our web site...
Obviously if you are a java programmer then using the AIX CVS under PASE or jCVS is a lot easier, and I'm sure a lot of Java OS/400 programmers will find your advice useful.
Arthur Barrett
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Subject: run cvs client on iSeries

How to get a cvs client running on an iSeries machine.



  • AIX cvs binary
  • .cvspass file from any OS (FYI - only tested with a pserver connection)



  1. Do a binary ftp transfer to the iSeries machine of the AIX cvs file putting the cvs file in IFS directory /QOpenSys/usr/bin
  2. Do an ascii ftp transfer to the iSeries machine of the .cvspass to your iSeries machine putting the .cvspass in your IFS home directory (Ex: /home/jsmith)
  3. Log onto your iSeries machine
  4. open qsh
  5. cp /QOpenSys/usr/bin/cvs to /usr/bin/cvs
  6. Good job, just remember if/when your password changes you will need to redo the ftp of the .cvspass to your home directory


Now anyone working on an iSeries machine can drop jcvs and use a real cvs client


NOTE: because iSeries qsh is not interactive like a UNIX/Linux system you cannot enter prompted information like when running cvs login this is why you ftp .cvspass.  So when committing files to include a message log you must use the commit “-m” option.







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