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RE: info-cvs use over time

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: info-cvs use over time
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2008 18:04:05 +1100


There are so many books at the local bookstore on CVS I think this
partly explains it.  Also CVS is not the toy of the month so all the
people who are just playing with SCM for the sake of playing (not
working in a company where it really needs to work/100s of users) are
using other 'flavour of the month' tools.

Finally I think it also is because more software development is done on
windows where GUI tools from Eclipse to WinCVS are the 'end user
experience' and they help guide the everyday user, so questions on
info-cvs are more about servers than clients.

Its all just speculation though.  It'd be intersting to correlate
download stats for the same period - except of course that a lot of
people obtain CVS not from the gnu web site but from a linux
distribution or whatever.


Arthur Barrett

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> Subject: info-cvs use over time
> Am I just being left behind (in the cm world) or has CVS 
> reached a point that 
> not a lot of questions need to be asked because folks understand it???
> While rearranging my mailboxes for incoming speed today, I 
> noticed the 
> info-cvs list has over the years I have been subscribed seen:
> Year  aprox msg count
> 2000  8830
> 2001  10290
> 2002  7020
> 2003  3710
> 2004  4700
> 2005  4600
> 2006  2340
> 2007  1380
> 2008  270 (on course for ~1080)
> Of course this question posted to the list has the potential 
> to perturb the 
> numbers for this year. :)
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> Todd Denniston
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