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cvs(nt) under both Vista/Ubuntu

From: std
Subject: cvs(nt) under both Vista/Ubuntu
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2008 11:52:28 -0700 (PDT)
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I have both Vista and linux (Ubuntu 7.10) installed on my machine (and
I have to boot sometimes on one OS and sometimes on the other).

The main repository I use is on a remote unix machine, which I access
through ssh (I use :ext: -> ssh). My collection of (local) CVS-managed
files is located on the windows partition. I have CVSNT and
tortoiseCVS installed on Windows. Under Ubuntu, I a symbolic link
pointing to my windows directory, so that I don't duplicate copies of
my files. I also have cvsnt installed and (so far) I use the good old
command line on Ubuntu.

Checking out/Updating/committing from scratch under linux is no
My problem is when I access (from Ubuntu) a cvs-managed directory
created under windows:
I get the password prompt, but then cvs(nt) tells me:
Protocol error: 'Directory' missing

I suspect an EOL or an encoding problem in the CVS subdirectory.
Has anyone already experienced something like this ?
Any suggestion of a workaround would be much appreciated.


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