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build a repository out of a set of checkout files?

From: Ginger Cheng
Subject: build a repository out of a set of checkout files?
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2008 17:22:34 -0700
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Hello, CVS gurus,

As a CVS neebie, I'm planning to build a repository (say on server1) with files checkout from a remote src. While changes may be made on the codes in server1, I need to have another set of code in server2, by syncing with server1 and remote src for all their changes, but still keep the modification that only exists in server2 (there is also revisement for server1 only). The big image is shown by attached image

I'm thinking building a repository out of the checkout from remote src. Server1 is responsible for adding all developer specific addition to my repository. Then server2 only need to checkout/update from my repository to incorporate all the changes in server1 and remote src. I've done the following

# 0.  checkout from remote src
cvs co -rbeta  remote_Src_Checkout

# 1.
cd myDIR
cvs init

# 2.
cd   remote_Src_Checkout
export CVSROOT=:local:myDIR
cvs  import -m "my cvs test"  remote_Src_Checkout   ginger   beta

# 3. go to server1
cvs co -rbeta remote_Src_Checkout

This works so far. But when I tried to sync my repository with remote src by
cvs -A -d -P -rbeta

here is what I got:
cvs update: in directory .:
cvs [update aborted]: there is no version here; run 'cvs checkout' first

Could someone give me some help? Thank you so much. Truly and deeply appreciate it

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