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Re: cvs [export aborted]: must specify a tag or date

From: tgrunewa
Subject: Re: cvs [export aborted]: must specify a tag or date
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008 09:28:47 -0700 (PDT)
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On Mar 14, 11:17 pm, "Mark D. Baushke" <address@hidden> wrote:
> <#secure method=pgp mode=sign sender=0x6B039C51>
> My best guess is that the problem version is not properly identifying
> 'now' as a valid time. I don't have a cvs 1.11.17 version on any of my
> boxes and I currently do not have access to AIX.
> One way to help figure out where the problem is happening is to set the
> environment variable CVS_CLIENT_LOG to something like /tmp/$USER.client
> and then do a command like:
>     cvsexport-D now CVSROOT/modules
> and now look in /tmp/$ and see if you see something like:
> $ cvsexport-D now CVSROOT/modules
> Valid-responses ...elided...
> valid-requests
> UseUnchanged
> Argument CVSROOT/modules
> Directory .
> /path/to/your/current/directory
> expand-modules
> Argument -N
> Argument -D
> Argument 15 Mar 2008 04:11:56 -0000
> Argument --
> Argument CVSROOT/modules
> Directory .
> /path/to/your/current/directoryexport
> $
> The 'now' when I ranthe command was the date you see as an argument in
> the above block.
> If you do not see a valid date, but instead see 'now' or some such text
> string listed, then you will have a good idea what happened.
> If the $ file does not exist, then the error you are
> getting is coming from the client itself.
>         Good luck,
>         -- Mark

I am in the "file does not exist" category.


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