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Re: Problem with merge.

From: David Tyler
Subject: Re: Problem with merge.
Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2008 14:40:44 -0600

OK, I discovered the problem.  I will explain it here so hopefully someone else 
will not make the same mistake.   When I placed the end marker for the previous 
merge, I used the cvs rtag command to insert the marker.  After running the 
command, I realized that I accidentally ran the tag command on the trunk 
instead of the branch I wanted to merge.  Thinking it was a quick fix, I re-ran 
the cvs rtag using the -F -r options to move the tag from the trunk to the 
branch.  What I didn't realize at the time was that files that were tagged with 
the first command that did not exist on the branch retained their original tag. 
 Later, when I used the tag as a start point to merge the next segment of code, 
the previously tagged trunk files had a beginning tag, but no end tag.  Seeing 
this, CVS concluded that the file had been deleted on the branch being merged 
and deleted the files from the trunk.  So the lesson is if a tag is created on 
the wrong branch, DELETE THE TAG before re-adding it to the correct branch 
and/or change the name of the tag being used.

David Tyler

>>> "David Tyler" <address@hidden> 4/1/2008 09:17 AM >>>
While running a merge from branch to trunk, a large number of files were 
deleted by the merge that were not deleted on the branch.  Looking at the tags 
used for the merge, it appears that the files were missing the tag that marked 
the end point for the merge.  The problem I need to solve is restoring the 
removed trunk files.  I tagged the trunk prior to the merge, but running "cvs 
update -j <post-merge-tag> -j <pre-merge-tag>" on the trunk does not restore 
the removed files.

Thank you,
David Tyler

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