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CVS question please

From: Anand . Raj
Subject: CVS question please
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2008 09:58:56 +0100


    I am using CVS version .

    The process I follow for migrating source code is as below

          In the check out settings I have checked the option Checkout text
files with the Unix LF(0xa)

       I export my files from CVS client  using the command prompt export
   option. The export command I use is cvs export -r TagName -d
   C:\batch_scripts\Test1 ModuleName
       Once exported, I sftp the files to the unix box.
       The problem is when I open the file in the unix box all the files
   have a CTRL M character at the end of each line of the file.
       Alternatively, if I check out a file and move it over to the unix
   box, I don't see this problem.

    So it looks like the export option is putting the CTRL M in the files.

    Is there any way I could stop these CTRL M char's getting in the
exported file please.

Anand Raj
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