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merging between trunks and branches

From: Mark Smith
Subject: merging between trunks and branches
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2008 07:25:56 -0700 (PDT)

Hi all

I am having a problem with merging between trunks and

I am using start and end tags to mark features and bug
fixes, for example:

cvs tag SF1
<edit files>
cvs ci –m “Add feature 1”
cvs tag EF1
cvs tag SB1
<edit files>
cvs ci –m “Bug fix 1”
cvs tag EB1

Suppose I have the following …

On the main trunk:
Feature 1 – tagged SF1/EF1
Feature 3 – tagged SF3/EF3
Feature 5 – tagged SF5/EF5

On a release branch:
Feature 2 – tagged SF2/EF2
Bug fix 1 – tagged SB1/EB1
Feature 4 – tagged SF4/EF4

I want to merge feature 3 from the main trunk to the
release branch, and then I want to merge bug fix 1
from the release branch to the main trunk.

I have tried many different update –j –j commands but
just cannot seem to get it.

Can anyone help?


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