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RE: cvs update fails, complains 'No CVSROOT specified' even when it is s

From: Neeraj Mahajan
Subject: RE: cvs update fails, complains 'No CVSROOT specified' even when it is set
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2008 12:01:34 -0700

I can try out your suggestion for CVSROOT .. but then my question is why does 
cvs update fail in first case and succeeds in second. (with reference to the 
steps I mentioned in my original post) ..

$ cvs -nf update neerajprojects/project1 cvs update: No CVSROOT specified!  
Please use the `-d' option cvs [update aborted]: or set the CVSROOT environment 
$ cd neerajprojects
$ cvs -nf update project1
cvs update: Updating project1
... i.e. this succeeds


The SmartCVS thing was mentioned by me to just give more info .. SmartCVS 
doesn't fail while doing the update ... and so I mentioned it in my post 
thinking it might help in diagnosing the problem. I don't see how your 
suggestion would help .. as I am not sure what to ask about SmartCVS.


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* On Fri, Apr 04, 2008 at 06:10:27PM -0700 Neeraj Mahajan wrote:
> I am having this weird problem - when I issue cvs update it returns an error.
> The following steps would give more details:
> $ cd ~/dev
> $ echo $CVSROOT
> Any idea what the problem is?

Depending upon which access method you are using, prepend the access
method (":pserver:", ":ext:", ...) before your CVSROOT.

> One thing that I observed is that when using SmartCVS, it always executes the 
> cvs commands from the base dir ~/dev/someproj/neerajprojects and not from 
> ~/dev/someproj.

I think you should ask on a SmartCVS mailing list for this one.


Spiro R. Trikaliotis                               

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