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Re: karma?

From: Ted Stern
Subject: Re: karma?
Date: Wed, 09 Apr 2008 11:28:06 -0700
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On 09 Apr 2008 06:25:09 -0700, EP1 wrote:
> I keep getting messages (when using my client) about users having
> insufficient about "karma". In some cases, too much - as in, "personal karma
> exceeds environmental karma", when I'm trying to limit who can check out
> what (via "cvs edit").
> What exactly is "karma"?  I know it has some thing to do with permissions on
> the repository, but exactly what is it? 

Somebody has implemented access control on your repository.  Here's
how you can diagnose it:

   cvs -d <repos location> checkout CVSROOT

First look at 'commitinfo'.  It has a line like this:

      DEFAULT                /usr/share/cvs/contrib/cvs_acls

The path may be different, but this is how it is installed on many
Linux systems.  Use that path to find the cvs_acls file, and read the
comments at the top of the perl script.  That script is the one
emitting the "Karma" messages whenever you commit.

Then take a look at the 'avail' file in your CVSROOT sandbox.  It is
written according to the rules documented in the cvs_acls header
comments.  It tells the perl script how to implement access control.
Depending on how that file is written, cvs_acls will interpret certain
users as having sufficient "Karma" to commit under different cvs

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