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Re: how to find the fiels checked in a particular date/time

From: Todd Denniston
Subject: Re: how to find the fiels checked in a particular date/time
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2008 08:38:49 -0400
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krevathi1912 wrote, On 04/22/2008 07:16 AM:

Is there any way to find the list of files checked in CVS in a particular
date/time in a repository that contains a module with lot of sub
directories,sub-sub directories and files


I find the easiest way is to first get a change log of the repository/module, using cvs2cl[1].
`cd my_sandbox ; cvs2cl -r -t ; less ChangeLog `

You can even play some tricks if you know roughly when the commit occurred.
first you have to get date string(s) describing the date(s) in ISO 8601 [2].
For instance, if you wanted to know about all the commits in the last 10 days:

#####begin bash script
TODAY=`date --iso-8601`
TENAGO=`date -d "10 days ago" --iso-8601`
#I really like gnu date. :)
#####end bash script

for examples of the output see the site[3].

BTW, if you are on windows instead of Unix, you may need to use that comes with CVSNT instead.



Todd Denniston
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