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Re: ViewCVS doesn't show listings with enscript on Windows

From: Andy
Subject: Re: ViewCVS doesn't show listings with enscript on Windows
Date: Fri, 2 May 2008 12:11:27 -0700 (PDT)
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This solution potentially can be covered under cvs, python, enscript,
ViewCVS, and Windows Security news groups, so I thought I'ld post it
here since it often arises from people trying to setup CVSNT, after
trying to view the repository with ViewCVS.  Please don't delete it as
its an issue many ask about and is sparesly documented.

ViewCVS implements some of its own python modules, all of which can be
found in the lib folder of the ViewCVS installation.

CAUTION: Python compiles at execution time and the language uses space
indentation to denote code blocks for *if*, *while*, and *for*
constructs.  You can inadvertently remove code from participating in
such blocks if you shift its alignment by adding or removing spaces
and/or tabs.

CAUTION: Earlier versions of Python shipped with defective
“file and process handling” modules.  Developers, including the
ViewCVS Group, have substituted in their own improved versions of  The Windows ViewCVS setup program installs an older ViewCVS module bearing the copyright 2000-2002.  The ViewCV project
has released an updated version to address some windows issues.  This
version is marked with the copyright 1999-2006 (I replaced my copy in
the ViewCVS lib folder with the updated version).

The ViewCVS enscript call is done in between lines 1090 and

When Enscript runs, it formats its output to a temporary file.  If
Enscript fails to run, it doesn’t create this temporary file and the
temporary file not found error results when the
os.remove(self.temp_file) statement on line 1115 tries to delete this
file for cleanup.

To see why Enscript didn’t run, you have to view its error messages.
To see any messages in ViewCVS, you have to set the variable
SHOW_CHILD_PROCESS in ViewCVS’s to the value of 1.

The messages revealed I was getting two errors from Enscript.  The
first was there was a corrupted file path on the –p path parameter for
a call to states, and subsequently Enscript could not open this
filter.  I fixed the parameter by setting the StatesPath value key in
Enscript’s enscript.cfg configuration file to the folder containing
the state files.
StatesPath: v:/programs/gnuwin32/share/enscript/hl

The second error I was getting was an execution permissions error on
cmd.exe.  The Windows ViewCVS setup program installs a copy of cmd.exe
in the GnuWin32/bin folder to get around this problem.  But, it seems
that cmd.exe in the Windows System32 folder was still being found and
run first.

ReadmeWin.txt in the doc folder of the ViewCVS installation describes
the permissions you have to give on cmd.exe under the troubleshooting
section for enscript.  I applied these permissions to both cmd.exe
files in Windows and GnuWin32.

After this, colorization in ViewCVS worked.

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